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Tour de Smart home

Camilla Lunde
16.09.2015 15:26

In connection with the steering committee of Triangulum’s visit, we got a tour in one of Lyse’s smart home at Hundvåg in Stavanger.

Stavanger is participating in the world's largest research and innovation program, Horizon 2020, through the Triangulum project. The Triangulum project is set to demonstrate, disseminate and replicate solutions and frameworks for Europe’s future smart cites. As part of Lyse's contribution to the EU project Triangulum, 100 homes will be equipped with smart home technology to lower energy consumption. 85 of them are apartments in condominium, while 15 will be separate houses.

The house our group visited at Hundvåg contained many gadgets. In the garage, there was installed a quick charger for electric cars, while the door from NorDan was opened by a code or finger recognition. Between the living room and the kitchen, there was integrated an iPad in the wall that showed an overview of all use of electricity, lights, blinds and heating in the whole house. From here you could among others control the light in the children's room, turn down the temperature in the bathroom or put on the burglar alarm. It was also possible to set whether you are at home, on vacation or if it is night so the light and power adjusts. The owner of the house, Trond Thorbjørnsen in Lyse, said it cost approximately 10% more to install smart technology into a new house, but that this will be saved in the long run.

Interested in smart home technology and smart cities? Come to Nordic Edge and learn more! The new smart city conference Nordic Edge aims at becoming Northern Europe’s most important arena for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter cities and smarter homes. The conference takes place in Stavanger Forum 17 – 18. September. 

- Nordic Edge will both be a window to the world and an annual meeting. This year it is primarily conference we are betting on. Next year, the goal is to grow and also become an important exhibition for smart technology, explains Chairman in Nordic Edge Ivar Rusdal.

Nordic Edge would not taken place in Stavanger if it were not because of the Triangulum project. EU gives up to 60 million in support for the project.