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International Offices

Greater Stavanger takes its international commitment seriously and it is therefore natural that have our own representatives in key partner cities.

Aberdeen Office
Sigrid Tellefsen represents the region in the Aberdeen office .

The Stavanger Region European Office
The Stavanger Region European Office is a partnership between the public sector, the business community and institutions of knowledge in Rogaland.
The office was established in autumn 1993 and is owned by:

  •  The municipalities of Bokn, Egersund, Finnøy, Forsand, Gjesdal, Haugesund, Hjelmeland, Klepp, Kvitsøy, Randaberg, Rennesøy, Sandnes, Sirdal, Sola, Stavanger, Strand, Suldalsvatn, Time, Tysvær and Utsira
  • Rogaland County Council
  • University of Stavanger and Stord/ Haugesund University College
  • The International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS),
  • Lyse AS
  • Stavanger Port Authority

Through courses, lectures, projects and strategic planning, the office shall contribute to a solid understanding of the European perspective and the benefits of European cooperation.

The European Office will help the region's businesses, knowledge institutions, authorities and organizations to develop opportunies for cooperation in business and other fields.

The office was established in the heart of Brussels' European Quarter, close to the European Commission, Parliament and Council of Europe and a number of private companies, NGOs and other stakeholders working with the EU system. Being in Brussels, gives us the unique opportunity to be close to EU decision-making mechanisms; to glean current affairs developments in Europe; have a large network of European, national and regional contacts among both public and private actors; to represent the region's interests in Brussels and also bring contributions from Europe to the Stavanger region.

The European office enables the optimalization of the region's international dynamics and shall:

  • Monitor, analyze and disseminate information on developments in the EU and Europe
  • Help to leverage EU funding
  • Organize courses to strengthen the region's position in Europe
  • Create and develop networks between our region and dynamic partners in Europe
  • Assist businesses and knowledge institutions with market knowledge and networking

The Houston Office
Saba Abashaw leads the region's Houston office. 

More info:

May Endresen

Opportunity Manager - International Relations

   +47 95 81 33 26

Andreas Heskestad

Opportunity Manager

   +47 97 16 91 83