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Design competition for new battery buses

Camilla Lunde Eilin Tvedt-Gundersen
12/02/2016 11:57 am

Students at Vågen, Bergeland and Godalen high school will compete for decorating three new battery buses. Friday February 12th, over 100 students gathered to an information and inspiration meeting on Vågen VGS Sandnes.

County Mayor Solveig Ege Tengesdal opened by telling that the county wanted a fresh look at the battery buses, and that they looked forward to seeing what creative ideas the students come by.

Only in Norway
Kolumbus currently has two battery buses as they tries out. The county is working on a new test project with three battery buses. The battery buses that right now are driving on Northern Jæren is the only one in Norway.

 - The purpose of the pilot project is to raise awareness of battery buses. We will also look at how our collective system can adapt battery buses and vice versa, says Joachim Weisser project coordinator at the county administration.

Stavanger participating in the EU program called Triangulum, and is one of three lighthouse cities who will work up smart, environmentally friendly solutions in energy, ICT and mobility (mobility). Battery buses are one of several pioneering projects in Triangulum as other cities later can learn from.

- The follower cities Prague and Leipzig have been in contact with the Rogaland county and are interested in the battery bus project we have initiated. Triangulum is about to demonstrate, disseminate and replicate, says Weisser.

Local partners in Stavanger is Rogaland County, Stavanger, Lyse, University of Stavanger and Greater Stavanger.

The competition period for design competition is between February 12th and April 18th. School classes can deliver as many design proposals they want. A jury will select a design from each school before a separate ballot will decide the winning design. The vote system is not yet clarified. The county has been using Nuart to inspire students. The jury consists of the County Mayor, the County Transport Manager and three artists from Street Art environment; Martyn Reed, Wan Ho and Hama Woods.

The class with the best design wins a prize of NOK 20 000.