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About the region

The Stavanger region is Norway's third largest urban region. It consists of 15 municipalities with a common employment, housing and service market. 322,000 people live, work and study in the 2,650 km2 of this region.

Between 1973 and 2015, the Stavanger region has seen the greatest relative increase in population - from 180,000 to 322,000 inhabitants.
The growth is due to exciting job opportunities and excellent living conditions, to name a few factors.

Close proximity to the urban centre and nature
We call it the "20 minute region" for a reason. 20 minute commute from home to work. 20 minutes from the mountains to the beach and from the city to the airport.

The Energy Capital
Around 40 oilfield operators have their international or Norwegian headquarters in the Stavanger Region. Nearly 40 percent of all Norwegian oil service companies are based in Rogaland, so we can rightly be called Norway's oil capital. The oil industry offers exciting and diverse job opportunities, and the energy cluster in Norway is the world leader in health, safety and the environment.

In 2008, Stavanger and Sandnes were the European Capitals of Culture, with over 1100 events. Our commitment to arts and culture is steadfast and we work steadily to strengthen our position as a cultural region in Europe.

The world's best region?
According to the UN HDI (Human Development Index) rankings, Norway is the best country to live in. When our region has been selected as the best region in Norway several times, can we say (tongue-in-cheek) that we the best region in the world?